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Have the hedges and shrubs in your property in Quincy, MA gone out of control and taken a life of their own? Well then, worry no more. With the shrub and hedge trimming service that our team at Tree Services Quincy provides, you can rest assured that your hedges will always be looked after periodically or as needed. We have licensed and highly skilled staff who can help you keep your hedges looking properly maintained and trimmed all throughout the year.

Why Should You Utilize Our Professional Shrub And Hedge Trimming Service?

shrub and hedge trimming service quincy ma

shrub and hedge trimming service in Quincy MA

Many people aren’t aware of this, but the frequency of your shrub trimming services actually depends on the type of trees that you want trimmed or pruned. For instance, slow-growing hedges like cedars, boxwoods, yews, and hemlocks are best trimmed once a year. On the other hand, Chinese Elm hedges are best trimmed 5 times every year, while privet hedges are best trimmed thrice per year. Trim more often than their specie requires or at the wrong times, and you just might shorten your hedges’ life span.

It is for this reason that you ought to hire a professional tree contractor to perform hedge trimming on your properties. Having an experienced and knowledgeable professional trim your hedges and shrubs guarantees that the trees in your lawns get the proper care they deserve.

Because there is an art and science to top-notch trimming and pruning work, shrub and hedge trimming is not the type of tree service that you should attempt to carry out on your own. We suggest leaving projects like these in the hands of experts like Tree Services Quincy instead to ensure that the finished work looks stellar while simultaneously maintaining the integrity and health of your shrubbery and landscapes.

Hiring a professional shrub or hedge trimming company means that you can get proper and professional pieces of advice even before you can begin to grow your own shrubs and hedges. Because planning the area carefully is a must, your local tree contractor can advise you on what types of hedges you can plant on your property, or what practical measures you can take to protect your shrubs.

If you want to trim your hedges to complement your landscapes, your tree company can also give some advice on this matter. Things like growth patterns and good plant placements are just a couple of the subjects you can discuss with them to ensure that your shrubs grow as attractively and as tidily as you envision them to be.

Furthermore, a professional shrub and hedge service can recommend suggestions on the best trimming practices that you can adopt. For example, if you want to induce growth underneath your hedges’ cut mark, our team at Tree Services Quincy can perform heading cuts to help maintain your shrubs. On the other hand, if you do not want them to grow, our team members are also extremely proficient with thinning cuts to make your shrubs and hedges look terrific all throughout the season.

Another reason why you ought to hire hedge trimming professionals is that they can do the job quickly and safely in accordance with your requirements. Shrub trimming contractors that are worth their salt can do a competent job in a way that most ordinary property owners cannot. Not only that; they can also perform the job much faster and more beautifully since they have the right tools, equipment, and skills necessary to do the work effectively. In addition, their years of experience lends them the ability to safely wield and operate these equipment, as well as the knowledge required to evaluate and determine the parts that need to be trimmed and how they can be given the appropriate shape.

What Are The Advantages Of Shrub And Hedge Trimming Service?

Trimming refers to the practice of generally cutting back hedges and bushes to get the size, shape, and look that you want them to have. Regularly trimming your shrubs and hedges guarantees that they will remain at an appropriate size while continuing to grow strong. We have listed below a handful of benefits as to why trimming your shrubbery and hedges comes highly recommended by our experts at Tree Services Quincy:

Trimming your shrubs and hedges is a good way of keeping their size, shape, and appearance under control.

Keep in mind that different plants have their own ideal growth habits and methods of trimming. Because of this, it is important that you hire professional hedge trimmers who can consistently trim your hedges and shrubs whenever they need it. This provides you with a much easier method of managing your hedges so that they can grow healthier and more beautifully.

Trimming your shrubs and hedges promotes thicker and fuller foliage.

With shrub trimming, you can remove old growth that may potentially turn into a problem in the future. Because this essentially encourages new, healthy growth, your shrubs and hedges can then grow better and develop thicker and fuller foliages.

Trimming optimizes the health of your shrubs and hedges.

When your shrubs or hedges are frequently trimmed, you are able to remove the parts that are diseased, dead, or damaged by pest infestation. Consequently, this lowers the spread of disease and optimizes the health of your shrubbery in the long run.

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