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Sometimes, it can be difficult to remove leftover tree stumps in their entirety in Quincy, MA due to factors like the size of the trees in question, aesthetics, the expanse of the trees’ root systems, and the location of the stump. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about tree stumps any longer. There are professionals whom you can hire to have these stumps grounded. Contacting experienced and qualified stump grinding service professional is always recommended when you want to have tree stumps removed since the task requires skills which only experts may have.

At Tree Services Quincy, for example, we have staff members who are highly skilled and trained in providing top-quality stump grinding services. They help you take good care of unsightly and hazardous tree stumps when you’re on a tight budget, as they ensure that everything proceeds according to plan.

Are you unsure of whether stump grinding services are right for you? We are answering some questions below to provide you a better idea about this tree service.

What Is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is a tree service Quincy MA that allows for a complete stump removal from your properties. The process involves using high-tech stump grinders to mechanically remove an entire tree stump. Since stump grinders are heavy pieces of machinery that consist of steel cutting wheels and hydraulically controlled arms and are designed to chip away at those unwanted stumps, they must only be operated by experienced and trained tree care specialists. Otherwise, removing tree stumps on your own without the proper training and equipment can be daunting and dangerous.

Why Are Stump Grinding Service Important?

If your Quincy, MA yard has been plagued by unsightly tree stumps after having a tree on your property cut down, consider stump grinding services from a local tree care company like Tree Services Quincy. Not only do stumps detract the appearance of your beautiful lawns and landscapes, but they can also put lives at risk. Because of this, it is important that you hire a professional for assistance.

On the other hand, if you are still undecided on whether or not it’s time to get stump grinding services, below are a few reasons on why you should go ahead and make the call:

Tree stumps can put your loved ones at risk.

Tree stumps that are exposed and stick out of the ground are accidents merely waiting to happen. Not only are they bad for lawn equipment, but they also aren’t good for anyone planning to get to or use your yard. Opt for a stump grinding service then to reduce the possibilities of stubbed toes and faceplants.

Tree stumps make your landscapes look less aesthetically pleasing.

All things considered, stumps are just plainly unpleasant to look at. More than that, they can also decrease the value of your property, depending on how large these stumps are and where they are specifically located in your yards. Even if your lawns are beautiful, stump will more likely stick out and become the center of (negative) attention.

Tree stumps are the perfect habitats for unwanted pest and/or animal infestations. 

Unwanted pests such as ants, beetles, termites, grubs, and other burrowing creatures love to call old and decaying tree stumps their home. After invading these stumps, these bugs will likely expand their territory and make a vacation nest out of the other areas in your properties. There is a possibility, therefore, that these critters might just migrate from the stump to your home, especially if the stump is close to your house. When this happens, the problem will then become even worse.

Tree stumps can cause unwanted growth.

Tree stumps that are left behind on the ground can potentially cause new trees to spring up around them. Most of the time, new growth caused by a tree stump results in a cluster of small trees popping up at the base of the stump. Aside from being unattractive, these young trees can also affect the health of other nearby plants since they will surely absorb nutrients and water from the soil for their own growth.

Tree stumps take up space that you can use for something else that is more productive.

If you prefer tidy and immaculate landscaping, then a tree stump will not do you any favors. Stumps, whether small or big, can take up yard space or maybe even block a section of your lawn that you’re intending to use. With stump grinding, you can easily make room for garden beds, shrubs, or other value-increasing elements.

How Does Stump Grinding Differ From Stump Removal?

There are a lot of tree services that local tree contractors offer to help remove unwanted stumps, and stump grinding is just one of these services. Although we have encountered numerous property owners who would rather let their tree stumps rot and decompose naturally, this process can be lengthy and is incomplete. While digging tree stumps out of the ground is also an option, we do not recommend it, however, since this usually leads to a deep hole that you will need to fill in. On the other hand, stump grinding doesn’t create holes, and you can also utilize the grindings as mulch for your landscaping.

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Should you need a stump grinding service in Quincy, MA that is responsive to your tree care needs, give us a ring at (617) 404-2332. At Tree Services Quincy, we make use of the correct tools and equipment needed for stump grinding.  So, regardless of the size or structure of the tree stumps that you want grounded, you can be sure that our experienced team can quickly and safely get them out of your sight. Our organization has been wholly committed to promoting tree health, as well as creating happy and satisfied clients. Because of this, we strive to give you fast and effective solutions that are responsive to your tree needs.